Life coaching

Cory Kondracki, MASC Life Coach

Life is about change, growth, and development so that we can enjoy ourselves and be happy living the life that we all dream about but few achieve.

Most of us live in our comfort zones without doing anything to break those habits, usually because we are afraid to make changes through fear of failure or what other people might think of us, or we’re just too scared because we may not like what we see.

Change is scary but we’re talking about changing the way you think, changing the way you do things, changing aspects about yourself that you want to improve on through choice; it’s not about taking a leap of faith because, let’s be realistic here, we know it’s not obtainable.

It’s about taking baby steps, it’s about setting realistic goals – no matter how small – and working together towards these changes to achieve them. It’s about turning those negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Change is healthy. It’s about about growing physically, mentally, and spiritually – which leads to a healthy, well-balanced human being.

Life is about choices and decisions and each and every one of us is in control of our own destiny and it’s up to us what we do with our life. If we are not happy, then we can change that, simply by changing the way we think. Our dreams will only be as big or as small as we allow them to be.

As your life coach we will work together, gain a trust together, so that we can share and embrace the past to enable you to move forward to make the necessary changes in your life to create the life you deserve to live.

Whether it’s about relationships, career change, personal development, motivation, finance, moving abroad, self-esteem/confidence, or personal issues, together we will achieve change by talking through difficult issues and making positive steps towards setting and achieving reachable goals.

You will reap the rewards through more confidence, be self-fulfilled, motivated, and living the life you created.

Together we can make a huge difference by being dedicating and committed to your life coaching experience.