“When I met Cory my life was in tatters. My relationship with my husband was falling apart, I had no direction or knew what I wanted out of my life since the children had grown up and didn’t really know who I was. At the first meeting with Cory she made me feel relaxed and that I could trust and confide in her, most of all Cory was not judgmental. Even after just a few meetings with Cory she made me feel confident again which gave me the confidence to start turning my life around, not in big leaps and bounds but small positive changes. My life is now focused and I can honestly say if it had not been for Cory I would not be the happy person I am today.”

– Sue, Northamptonshire

“In 2014 I got Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As for everyone, information about cancer is like a thunderbolt from the clear sky. It is even more difficult if the family is in another country. So I was condemned to myself and my strong will. I have friends here, but as everyone has their families, life, problems … So most of the days I spent alone … And then in my life appeared Cory. A woman with a friendly smile and a big heart. She has compassion and understanding. I thought we would probably have brain washing like a psychologist … and what this woman can know what I feel and I am ….
“It turned out that the usual conversation about ordinary things also can help. We all talked about family, chemotherapy, doctors, illness, problems, hair loss, work, books, and short English lessons 😉 She understood if I did not want to talk about anything … With her I was crying, laughing, helping to find a solution to the problem I was thinking away from grey then the reality that was cancer for me. The theory was that a stranger could help more than someone close … My family supported me so I could not afford to lose … The meeting with Cory was very happy for me every time …. because she was talking to me like a woman with a woman and not how healthy and sick … It’s not possible to get away with such help … Thank you :*”

– S. S., Northamptonshire

“I feel like Cory understood who I was from day one and there was a great deal of trust and ease in our relationship from the very first session. Cory is warm, kind, open, honest, intuitive and professional; everything a great coach should be. It is great to have Cory in my life and she has been a huge support to me as I gain clarity on my situation and get closer to achieving my goals.”

– Emma, Cambridgeshire

“Cory has been a huge support to me and I wish her all the best, she is a great professional coach and will go from strength to strength in her success. I have much happiness in my life with regards to my situation and with achieving my goals and have restored the sparkle back into my life.”

– Hellen, Northamptonshire

“Cory is an angel, a very patient, calming and attentive lady. She has the ability to calm you in her presence, listen and advise you accordingly. She is very easy to open up to and helps in any way to ease your circumstances. She is a professional, hardworking lady, very supportive, non-judgmental and is understanding of your needs. Cory has helped me through my very low moments when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and has carried me through to the positive times ahead. Thank you Cory.”

– Virginia Scott, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

“Cory is a wonderful inspiring person who would never judge anybody on their past, on their looks or what they believe in. Cory has helped me out of a dark place and made me look at myself in a different light. Cory is an amazing person to talk to and she will try and help you out in any way possible.”

– Adam (age 24), Northamptonshire